About Us

The Eyne-Cambredaze Historical Society of Wichita is a group of amateur historians who meet once a month to talk about the history of Wichita, and of Kansas in general. The Society has been meeting for almost fifty years now–ever since 1968 when the two founders of the Society, Harry Eyne and Giorgio Cambredaze started meeting in a coffee shop in downtown Wichita. Little by little over the years others with an interest in the local history and lore began to join with them, and by 1988, twenty years after Eyne and Cambredaze had first begun meeting, the group numbered more than 250 people. In 2003 Mr. Wilford Derbyshire, who for years had been an enthusiastic participant in the Society, bequeathed his house to the group, which became their clubhouse. Today the Eyne-Cambredaze Historical Society has a membership of over 600, although only about half of those members are continuously active. If you would like to join the Eyne-Cambredaze Historical Society, please fill out the Contact form that you will find on this website.